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Custom Contract Manufacturing

Custom Contract Manufacturing is a great way to save on production costs. You don't need to run a manufacturer, but Your company remains the end user or seller of the product and even your logo goes on the package. Our manufacturer take charge of planning, materials sourcing, production and delivery of the goods.All you have to do is pay for the finished product, just like you have a plant, without the costs and trouble of running an actual one.Start your Project

Who should use custom contract manufacturing?

Import Companies Or Distributors Mainly on Plastic Pump Sprayers

We are willing to help any importer or dealer who wants to focus on sprayers or Pumps as one of its main businesses to grow this business from establishment to large-scale orders. First of all, you can tell us the product details you need through website messages or emails, and we will offer you a competitive price; Secondly, we can provide free samples. Generally, we provide free samples, and the freight is borne by the customer. Third, if you are sure that there is no problem with the samples, you can place an order to us. Of course, we will give necessary opinions in the process of placing an order, such as the matching between product quantity and packaging, or the trade-off between order quantity and freight, suggestions on order time and delivery time, etc.

Canning Facotries for Perfume or Cleaning Products

As far as we know, most filling plants use a large amount of packaing products, which is one of the customers we think are of high quality. However, some companies do not have the ability to import and export. Don't worry. Union sprayer's experience in import and export can help you better cooperate with us.

Design & Manufacturing

Have a design idea already sketched out on a napkin? Or maybe you’ve had an artistic vision cooped up in your head for a while and just don’t know how to bring it out. Maybe you have no idea at all but have the product ready to go. Relax. We can help no matter what the situation is. After all, this is what we do. And we do it well.Our designers will consult with you, brainstorm with you and work with you through the whole process. We have an entire Creative Department dedicated to helping our customers look great in the marketplace. We’ll help you figure out your target audience. Pick a winning color palette. Find a suitable typeface. Anything you need to pull off a successful product line within your budget.Start your own Design

International Logistics

Safely, Quickly And Economically - Container Loading at our plant

If your goods fit whole 20feet or 40feet container, to save freight cost and protect the goods in great condition we can arrange container loading at our plant, Containers of any shipping company can be arranged… safely, quickly and economically. This is where our Logistics Division comes in.

Best Rate Available

Logistics is the process of getting the products you need to your location when you need them and at the most cost-effective price possible. The UnionSprayer negotiates extensively with a broad network of carriers. From a local delivery with our own fleet, to anywhere in the world, you can be sure that when you order from us your order will arrive on time, at the best rate available.

Prompt, Safe and Affordable Delivery - Local transportation

Prompt, safe and affordable delivery. These are the goals of The UnionSprayer Logistics Department. UnionSprayer offers local delivery from our plants to any sea port or your warehouse in China.

Product Sourcing

It's one of our friendly Unionsprayer Solutions for Product Sourcing, we will work with you to find the best solution available.

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