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Home Care

UnionSprayer are dedicated to developing safe and healthy home care packaging products. To live a healthy life, start from healthy home care.People's requirements of improving their quality of life are getting higher and higher. With the concept of green consumption, health care is acting as a matter of course, home care products such as hand soap, shower gel, dish detergent, insecticide are becoming increasingly popular, so are their ecopack.We provide high-quality, diversified packaging solutions to meet different products' need. Our professional technology enables us to create with the most suitable customized products for you.Contact us

Beauty & Personal Care

UnionSprayer offer professional technical services and product solutions to meet your customization needs.We are committed to providing you with a more convenient and enjoyable experience.We have worked with hundreds of customers and provided them with technical support for more than 10 years. We are devoted to providing our customers with a variety of product solutions that meet their needs, while providing the best user experience for consumers.Contact us

Technical Industrial

UnionSprayer is a fully integrated product development service provider offering customers an extensive range of product development, selection, filling, manufacturing through to new product launching.Technical products are the UnionSprayer of our aerosol products. With advanced equipment, high-tech instruments and rich experience, we can provide you with the most suitable packaging products.Contact us


We are committed to developing different drug delivery solutions, providing you with professional technical services and meeting your personalized customization needs, and providing you with professional product solutions.We thrive on providing more professional product solutions for drug delivery.Our decades of hard working in pharmaceautical industry offers high quality drug delivery solutions in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the State to the public. We have built a complete production, quality and storage system for pharmaceutical packaging materials.We adhere to the "exceeding the self, pursuing excellence" purpose. With solid and rigous expertise and without any limitation of conventional thinking, we can help you reduce the risk of incompatibility of drug and package during drug development based on your needs.Contact us


UnionSprayer's professional technology helps you develop more innovative, attractive and practical packaging solutions covering a wide range of food and beverage, such as flavourings, dairy products, vegetable and fruit jams, etc.We strive to produce safe, healthy and environmentally friendly food packagings, and lead the new trend of "food fashion" together with your food products.Featuring good tightness, safe, healthy and convenient, our dispensing pumps, aerosol valves and actuatos are widely used in food field, such as edible oil, creams and syrups, etc.Whether you are choosing our exsisting standard products, or deciding a customized packaging solutions, your partnership is valued. We look forward to our cooperation.Contact us
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