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What is a Plastic Trigger Sprayer?

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What is a Plastic Trigger Sprayer?

Feb 15,2022


1) Brief introduction of plastic trigger sprayer

Plastic trigger sprayers are widely used in the sprayer industry, with straight, spray, foam and other spray forms. Widely used in medical, cosmetology, garden, industrial and other various industries and scenes

2) Classification of square guns:

According to raw materials, it can be divided into two types:

1. All-plastic trigger sprayer:

Nowadays, the all-plastic square gun is popular, and the all-plastic square gun is all composed of recyclable plastic, which can meet the requirements of environmental protection, because now many European Unions have the United States to require environmental protection.

2. Traditional trigger sprayer:

Traditional trigger sprayes are not fully plastic and have other metal components, such as stainless springs, glass balls.

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